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23 September 2011

Hard Knocks Fighting Championships 14

Welcome to the HKFC14 live blog! Catch all the action here as it happens!
Ryan Preston v. MacKenzie Senger
Round 1:
Preston comes forward looking for nothing but big, looping hooks, but he slips. They are all over the place but he slips again. Senger wants it on the ground as Preston is landing. They go there and Senger looks much better. They scramble and Preston losses a point for the ground 'n pound, which is not allowed under the Amateur rules. Off the stand up they clinch and Senger transtitions between brabo & guillotine chokes.
10-9 Senger is my unofficial score in this very close round.
Round 2:
They start the same with Preston throwing big bombs, but Senger gets the td much easier. He transitions to the back, works for and gets the tapout to Rear Naked Choke @ :54 of R2
Keegan Oliver v. Jean-Marc Degroot
Round 1:
Oliver shoots and is stuffed so they trade, & Degroot is winning. Oliver gets the takedown but is reversed quickly. Degroot moves to mount and then takes the back of the scrambling Oliver. Degroot stands and backs away. They trade for awhile before the ref stops to remind Oliver that kicks to the head are not allowed in amateur action.
Unofficial score is 10-9 Degroot
Round 2:
They trade body kicks to start, & Oliver is stuffed on a td attempt. They trade again before he shoots again, but is tied up right away with Degroots legs. He tries but cannot pass. Until he passes and nearly gets an arm, before going back into guard. Degroot toses the leg over for a tight omaplata attempt until the bell.
10-9 Oliver.
Round 3:
Degroot throws but Oliver drops under for the td, right into Degroot's active guard. They sit in guard until the ref stands them up. From there they trade strikes until Oliver again gets the td into guard. Degroot moves to mission control and then lockdown from the rubber guard. This gets Oliver to stand and back away. Degroot shoots with 10 seconds left, but Oliver ends up on top at the bell.
I give Oliver the 29-28, and he gets the split decision from the judges too. No scores are announced.
Chaleur Jones v. Combs
Round 1:
Both ladies come out throwing bombs. They circle and trade without either landing much until Combs clinches with and over-under tie up. From there Jones drops for the td and gets it. Quickly Combs rolls for an arm-bar. Jones here out and takes the back of Combs. She holds it before rolling for an arm-bar of her own.
10-9 Jones
Round 2:
Combs land on the bell which makes Jones try to clinch. It doesn't work so they circle and trade. Combs starts landing as Jones is backing away. Combs stalks as strikes from both come one at a time. They continue to trade until the bell.
10-9 Combs
Round 3:
They are tentative to start. They circle and throw single strikes. Jones still wants yo clinch but can't. Combs is landing whenever jones comes in. Combs mixes in head and body shots. Combs stalks and lands a big body kick that buckles Jones but does not put her down. Combs keeps moving forward and pressing and landing punches.
I give the round and the fight to Combs. Official Decision is unanimous for Robin Combs.
Gerallt Owen v. Matt Kaiser
Round 1:
They engage at the centre with Kaiser throwing wildly. He slips and Owen pounces. Kaiser has a triangle position right away which Owen defends well. Then Kaiser switches to an arm-bar that forces the quick tap at :59 seconds.
Rick Pfeifer v. Justin Lafrance
Round 1:
They are tentative to start, for 2 seconds before Pfeiffer drops Lafrance. He is right back up though and Pfeiffer clinches and accord the td, though they scramble and change positions. Pfeiffer gets top position and moves to an arm triangle, but can't finish. They stand, Pfeiffer gets another td and they are right back up. They trade some big punches until Pfeiffer gets the big slam and takes the back. He holds him there until the bell.
I have it 10-9 Pfeiffer
Round 2:
Pfeiffer comes in swinging at the bell then clinches. They separate. Pfeiffer goes for another td and gets it. He gives up top position and walks away, getting the stand-up. Pfeiffer punches and gets another td. They stand and repeat the sequence. And again, but this time Lafrance has a guillotine. He lets it go and they finish the round with Pfeiffer on top.
Again 10-9 Pfeiffer.
Round 3:
Lafrance comes out alive and lands some shots until Pfeiffer takes him down. From side control he moves into mount and goes for triangle position, but loses it. He goes for an arm bar but Lafrance scrambles out and stands. Pfeiffer hits another td and works for a guillotine for the last 30 seconds until the bell.
I give Pfeiffer the 3rd as well, 10-9.
Official judges score it unanimously for Pfeiffer as well.
Tyler Kneiss v. Brydon Butt
Round 1:
Kneiss comes out on fire as he puts Butt down with a combination and follows him down and right away takes the back of Butt and goes in for the rnc. Butt defends well but eventually taps @ :52 of round 1.
Amateur Main Event:
Shane Ryan v. Jesse Enns
Round 1:
They both come out guns blazing, Ryan with a push kick and Enns with punches. Ryan bulls him against the cage and unloads. After landing repeated punches he unloaded with a knee to the belly that drops Enns. Ryan is still throwing as the ref stops the fight due to unanswered blows @ :23 of round 1.
Aaron Gallant v. Matt Krayco
Round 1:
They meet in the centre and a low kick from Krayco gets a mad flurry in return. Gallant bullies him against the cage and punishes him while taking him to the ground. Once there Krayco rolls for an arm but Gallant gets out and maintains top control. Krayco tries for another then they scramble. Gallant comes out of it with Krayco's back and the rear-naked choke. A bloody Matt Krayco taps @ 1:15 of round 1.
Jordan Murray v. Jared McComb
Round 1:
Murray starts the action with a combination and then he presses McComb against the cage and is stuffed on a td attempt. They jocky for position before separating. McComb purses forward now and gets a big takedown off a clinch against the cage. From side control he moves to mount and then back mount before Murray stands. Murray gets the next td, but is instantly reversed, with McComb taking mount then back mount before Murray stands. They trade then Murray pulls guard looking for a choke, then an arm, but he ends on the bottom to close the round.
10-9 McComb
Round 2:
McComb looks for the td off a Murray kick but they stall against the cage. McComb finally drags him down. McComb moves to side control and is briefly reversed before moving back to 1/2 guard, then full guard. They rest here for a minute. They scramble and Murray stands with McComb's leg, and he forces him down and is on top but McComb has his neck in a guillotine, forcing the tap @ 3:51 of round 2.
SteveHodgson v. Elias Theodorou
Round 1:
Theodorou throws a highkick to start which causes Hodgson to clinch and try for a td but he is reversed on the way down. They scramble up but Hodgson again clinches and is taken down. Theodorou moves to mount and tries to take anarm but slips off. They stands and clinch against the cage where Hodson lands a low blow that laissez things. On the restart Theodorou gets the td. Hodson managed to stand but is again taken down. Theodorou moves to mount and punishes with punches until the bell. Hodgson is bleeding.
10-9 Theodorou
Round 2:
Theodorou starts with big lochs, high and low before getting another td. He moves to mount then back mount where he works for and secures and rear-naked choke that gets the tap @ 1:12 of round 2.
Welterweight Championship
Keto Allen v. Andrew Buckland
Round 1:
They are careful to start but then start trading big punches. Buckland backs Allen up with a hook and presses against the cage. After a struggle Allen takes him down and starts to throw. He moves to side control and smothers Buckland, eventually getting mounted crucifix for a split second. Back in side control he tried to land short elbows. Buckland works hard to get guard and eventually stands but only briefly before Allen takes him back down. They gett back to their feet and it's Buckland working for the takedown now. He can't get it before the bell.
10-9 Allen
Round 2:
They are both throwing hooks to start, then they clinch and Allen throws him down. A molten moves to side control and elbows to the body. Allen moves to north-south but Buckland roll him over there. Now in control Buckland goes for the choke, but Allen reverses and advances to side control. Again though Buckland reverses into north-south, then side control, then back and back again. From side control he goes for an arm in guillotine and he has it tight. They roll around but Alleen can't get out and taps with less than 10 second left (4:55) of round 2 to give Andrew Buckland the first ever HKFC Welterweight Champion!

22 September 2011

HKFC 14 Weigh-in Report

Hard Knocks Fighting Championships will crown it's first ever Champion with the main event of School of Hard Knocks 14, and on Thursday all fighters were cleared on their first attempt. Andrew Buckland weighed in first at 169.5 lbs and Keto Allen followed at 171 lbs. Buckland's camp attempted to have Allen try and cut the additional pound, but the Commissioner responded that the one-pound allowance was for title fights as well as non-title fights.

All the other fighters, save Shane Ryan, weighed in within their alloted limits. Ryan weighed in at 197 lbs to Jesse Enns' 190.5 lbs for their 195 lbs fight. Ryan said after that since Enns came in at 190.5 there was a less than 7 pound difference and their fight could proceed without him cutting the additional pound.

School of Hard Knocks 14 goes down at the Century Casino on Friday September 23rd, doors at 6pm, fights at 7pm.

Complete Weigh-in Quick Results:

Keto Allen 171lbs v. Andrew Buckland - 169.5 lbs
*there is some question as to whether he must cut the final pound but the commission decides he does not

Steve Hodgson - 184.5 lbs v. Elias Theodorou - 183.5 lbs

Aaron Gallant - 168.5 lbs v. Matt Krayco - 167.5 lbs

Jordan Murray - 198 lbs v. Jared McComb - 200 lbs

Shane Ryan - 197 lbs v. Jesse Enns - 190.5 lbs
*because there was a less than 7 pound difference in weight (w/ Enns being .5 lbs over 190) Ryan will not have to lose the extra weight.

Tyler Kniess - 149.5 lbs v. Brydon Butt - 155.5 lbs

Gerrallt Owen - 153 lbs v. Matt Kaiser - 156 lbs

Chaleur Jones -128 lbs v. Robin Comb - 129 lbs

Keegan Oliver - 124 lbs v. Jean-Marc DeGroot - 123 lbs

Ryan Preston - 164.5 lbs v. MacKenzie Senger - 167.5 lbs

Rick Pfeifer -135.5 lbs v. Justin LaFrance -134.5

Hard Knocks Fighting Championship 14 Live Weigh-ins

The final stop before HKFC 14 tomorrow night at the Century Casino in Calgay AB goes down now at the Blink Monk Pub on 12th ave SW! Check below for live results when the fighters start stepping on the scales at 1800 MST.

The Blind Monk is bumping with a mix of after-work diners & fight camps. There is palpable tension and excitement as we wait the last few minutes before the weigh ins start!

Welterweight Championship
Keto Allen 171lbs
*there is some debate as to whether he must cut the final pound but the commission allows it.
Andrew Buckland - 169.5 lbs

Steve Hodgson - 184.5 lbs
Elias Theodorou - 183.5 lbs

Aaron Gallant - 168.5 lbs
Matt Krayco - 167.5 lbs

Jordan Murray - 198 lbs
Jared McComb - 200 lbs

Shane Ryan - 197 lbs
*because there was a less than 7 pound difference in weight (w/ Enns being .5 lbs over 190) Ryan will not have to lose the extra weight.
Jesse Enns - 190.5 lbs

Tyler Kniess - 149.5 lbs
Brydon Butt - 155.5 lbs

Gerrallt Owen - 153 lbs
Matt Kaiser - 156 lbs

Chaleur Jones -128 lbs
Robin Comb - 129 lbs

Keegan Oliver - 124 lbs
Jean-Marc DeGroot - 123 lbs

Ryan Preston - 164.5 lbs
MacKenzie Senger - 167.5 lbs

Rick Pfeifer -135.5 lbs
Justin LaFrance -134.5

07 July 2011

UFC 132 Review and Score Cards

The UFC held it's annual fourth of July card, somewhat lacking in excitement despite the strong card, and we were treated to a sleeper hit. There was drama as Tito did the improbable and beat the retrospectively overrated Ryan Bader; there was technical brilliance in the main event (check out my scorecard down below, I had it even closer than the judges); Contenders made statements; Aaron Simpson proved that not fighting at an elite level wins fights.

Seriously though, what Aaron Simpson did was avoid fighting Brad Tavares, and instead try and stall out against the cage. Taking a person to the cage to negate their striking is not an end of itself, and if all that a person can do is stall out against the cage that is not a winning technique. If it is done as a means to land strikes or take the fight to the ground then by all means, press away, but if an athlete stalls out against the cage that must not be scored favourably by the judges. In my scorecard I had that fight as a 29-29 draw, with the first round split, the second for Tavares and the third for Simpson.

Of the 11 fights on the card, I successfully picked 8, about average for me, and giving me a 21-9 overall. Of the 3 I got wrong though the one I am happy about is Carlos Condit, taking out another contender in the Welterweight division, and a previously unbeaten one at that. In our video I said that if this was an exciting fight Condit would probably have won, and that was exactly the case. Kim pressed for and got a takedown early, as expected, but rather than controlling him on the ground Kim was immediately tossed ass over tea-kettle in a brilliant sweep. On the feet again Condit took over, throwing punches knees and kicks. He backed Kim against the cage and fired off a huge flying knee right onto Kim's enormous jaw and followed up with piston-fire punches ending the fight in the first. And it was three finishes in a row against respectable competition. Nice.

*Dominick Cruz (c) def. Urijah Faber via Unanimous Decision (click here for my scorecard)
"The winner, and still UFC Batamweight Champion of the World, Dominick Cruz!" For the first time ever two men walked into the cage, having met the 135 lb. requirement, and decided who is the best fighter in the world. Sort of. If one had knocked the other out, or if one had submitted to the other we would have. What we did decide is that over five, 5 minute rounds, Dominick Cruz can win between 3 (or two on my card) and 5 of those rounds, barely. Don't let my quibbling over specifics make you think I didn't like the fight, quite the opposite. It was exciting, fast paced, aggressive, varied and exceedingly technical. But what it wasn't was in any danger of being finished, by either man.
By my reckoning the first round was even: Cruz was the striking exchanges, Faber the grappling, and neither had a clear edge in terms of cage control or setting the pace or getting off first. I also scored the third as a draw, this time splitting the striking, Faber again winning the grappling, but Cruz starting to assert control of the pacing of the fight, pushing forward more and throwing first throughout. Both of these rounds were exceedingly close, and I can only argue to a point against giving it to either man, but that is why there are allowances for 10-10 rounds in the rules. There doesn't have to be a winner.
I gave Cruz the victory with R2 and R5, and I gave Faber R4.

*Chris Leben def. Wanderlei Silva via KO @ :27 of R1
They played rock 'em sock 'em robots for less than half a minute before The Axe Murderer went down. The best thing I can say about a fight like this is that I picked the winner. I like Wanderlei a lot, especially when he also plays defense and fights a good fight.

*Dennis Siver def. Matt Wiman via Unanimous Decision (click here for my scorecard)
Matt Wiman is a dirty fighter. He asked for, and got the stoppage against Mac Danzig despite his choke being totally ineffective. That was cheeky, but it his fight against Dennis Siver he was downright dirty. Despite, by my count, 6 attempts, 2 of which were successful in the first round, he could not keep Siver down and he lost the round. When in the second he was able to get Siver down cleanly, he headbutt him repeatedly while on the ground. The ref warned him once but failed to enforce that warning when the behavior continued. Then, after Wiman cut Siver with a very nice elbow, he then was grinding his chin into the cut, a clear violation of the rules and dirty as all hell. So after this fight Wiman was 2 things: a dirty fighter, and a loser.

*Tito Ortiz def. Ryan Bader via submission @ 1:56 of R1
I still don't like Tito. I still think he's a liar and a cheat. I will have to put up with him for at least one more fight. Hum bug.

*Carlos Condit def. Dong Hyun Kim via KO @ 2:58 of R1
I really like Condit. There aren't a lot of guys left I could pick over him. GSP, maybe Fitch, but who else?

*Melvin Guillard def. Shane Roller via KO @ 2:12 of R1
Roller had nothing on Guillard on that night. Guillard started aggressive, pushing the pace and landing some power shots for most of the first 2 minutes, but then he started hanging back, and letting Roller come forward. And then he punched Roller in the face as he came forward. Then they stopped the fight.

*Rafael dos Anjos def. George Sotiropoulos via KO @ :59 of R1
*Brian Bowles def. Takeya Mizugaki via Unanimous Decision (my scorecard)
*Aaron Simpson sucks and I refuse to write about his Unanimous Decision of Brad Tavares
He didn't win. It was a tie. In R2 Tavares dropped Simpson striking and took him down with a huge double, which was more than Simpson did all fight long, giving Tavares R2 on my card, which combined with the 10-10 first round I scored made this fight a tie. It defies comprehension that someone can argue that Simpson won anything. Booo.
*Anthony Njokuani def. Andre Winner via Unanimous Decision (my scorecard)
*Jeff Hougland def. Donny Walker via Unanimous Decision (my scorecard)

30 June 2011

UFC 132 Preview and Picks

The strangeness that was UFC LOV4 brought me down to a 13-6 lifetime pick record, but I think this is going to be a big event for me, it's certainly a decent card for the buyers around.

As is seeming to be the standard, all the unaired prelims will be broadcast live on Facebook. I think this is a great thing for the fans and clearly demonstrates that the fan base is enough that they feel comfortable putting a free event on so often without it diluting their PPV buyrates that much.

Several eras of success are on the card, with Tito, Wanderlei, Faber, Condit, Bowles and Cruz all holding either WEC or UFC gold dating back to the early aughts. Looking down through my picks I see this as being a bad night for the old guard and and bold step into the future of the art of fist to face.

**Post your own picks in the comments and if you beat mine you will get a special prize**

Dominick Cruz (c) v. Urijah Faber
For whatever reason, I never found myself in the Faber wave; he's too pretty, too butt-chinned, too spacey and just not interesting to me. He's shown a mean guillotine and a strong RNC but not a lot else I enjoyed. That being said, Cruz fights with a decision as the goal and that infuriates me to no end. As far as I am concerned a decision win is somewhere between a draw and a no contest, and I think they should treat them like a countout in pro wrestling (as in title can not change hands on), but I digress. This is an intellectual exercise, so though I will cheer for a finish most of all, I see Cruz winning on points after 25 frantic, ineffectual minutes. Boo.

Wanderlei Silva v. Chris Leben
This is a fight I would rather have seen closer to Silva's last fight, but what can you do? As is they have a similar way of throwing big power hooks from the hip, as well as more than enough time on the mats to handle themselves well enough. I see them trading punches often, but ending in clinches, greco-roman clinches with Leben taking it against the cage and landing a big power shot on the fence that puts down the legend in the second round. This is another one where I will be cheering for something other than my pick, as I would love the see Silva go on a run and get an expedited title shot, but I just can't see him taking this one.

Tito Ortiz v. Ryan Bader
Assuming Tito hasn't broken his neck or his femur or some other such bullshit, I think we'll finally see an end of his lying, cheating self in the cage. Bader is better at everything that Tito was ever good at; Bader is younger and faster; Tito is a lying, cheating douche-bag.

Carlos Condit v. Dong Hyun Kim
Mark this one down for the younger, more boring generation, sneaking in the backdoor with pseudo-wins and boring decisions. Kim is a suffocating grappler that is so afraid of losing he refuses to try and win. He doesn't advance position or try and secure submissions, nor does he strike effectively standing or on the ground. Condit however is a raging bull of muay thai and submission attempts. I will be cheering for Condit here but I can't believe he will win.

Dennis Siver v. Matt Wiman
This is finally one where I think the guy going for the finish will actually be able to get it. Dennis Siver has mean kicks and tight boxing, with great body shots setting up big power shots. Wiman will come in bigger and trying to muscle out an ugly fight but I think Siver will catch him coming in and finish the fight, either tko, or strikes to a submission, in the second.

Melvin Guillard v. Shane Roller
If nothing else, Guillard's move to Jackson's MMA has put him with people that can keep him focused and working on a cohesive gameplan for a fight. His boxing is devastating and his hips are too str4ong and too fast for Roller to take control of. Look for Guillard to put him away early, and make a case for KO of the night.

George Sotiropoulos v. Rafael dos Anjos
Simply put Sots has more tools in the box. His muay thai is tight and technical and his jits are very strong. The troubles he has had have been in scoring the takedown, but I think his punches will force dos Anjos to pull guard. Sots is best from side-control, where he moves to mount very well. In either position he is very good at isolating an arm. He sometimes rolls for it before it is tight enough, but I think he'll walk away with the submission of the night in the first round of this exciting fight.

Brian Bowles v. Takeya Mizugaki
Brad Tavares v. Aaron Simpson
Anthony Njokuani v. Andre Winner
Jeff Hougland v. Donny Walker

28 June 2011

UFC Live On Versus 4 Scores and Review

What a weird event that was. I planned on having this out on Sunday, but after all that's happened I think it was best to wait until I really understood it before I expunged unto the world that which I have gleamed.

We never got the Johnson fight to which we had expected. But then the sky fell on the UFC in Pittsburgh when Nate Marquart was still over the maximum allowable limit  of testosterone to fight. He has since claimed that his amount was trending downward and that a test taken the day of the fight was well within the prescribed tolerances. By that time, of course, he had been fired b/c of Dana White's "disgust," despite claims that everyone, the Commission and the UFC knew of his HRT and his closeness to the limit as the fight drew near.

Besides that we had my favourite lightweight prospect, Charles Oliveira's brilliant 6 minutes, more of the dynamic striking and manic grappling aggression that thrills me, tarnished by a few tenths of a second in throwing a clearly illegal knee. The ref should have seen it and stopped the fight, and they could have decided if Lentz was able to continue being beaten by Oliveira. I think he might have been able to, but there absolutely needed to be a stoppage to assess his condition. I suspect it will be overturned tomorrow, and turned into a no-contest. Still, Lentz was losing and Oliveira was looking great. In fact, their 6:48 of fighting was better than any other fight on the card, at least as far as UFC cash bonuses go.

Besides that, Pat Barry KO'd Kongo twice before taking a KO himself. I think they both should have gotten KO of the night. And Joe Stevenson is way worse at being Frankie Edgar or Clay Guida, with the hyperactive head movement, than either of them. Probably worse than a lot of people. They should cut him.

Since the current official result of Oliveira/Lentz is a submission to RNC, I am sitting at 6-2 for the event, and 13-5 for the two events thus far. Tomorrow I will have my picks for UFC 132, and look for a podcast preview show too.

Here are the links to my Score sheets of the fights that went the distance (remember these are my scores, not the official scores):
1. Matt Brown v. John Howard & Charlie Brennemen v. Rick Story
2. Joe Stevenson v. Javier Vasquez & Tyson Griffin v. Manvel Gamburyan
3. Charles Oliveira v. Nik Lentz & Daniel Roberts v. Rich Attonito

24 June 2011

Turning People into Diamonds

First let it be known that I am of sound mind, and make the following intentions known so that my will may be obeyed.

I was watching the penultimate Law & Order(prime) episode the other day and the victim's wife had a habit of turning her dead husbands into Diamonds. To conclude the episode she sent ADA Rubirosa a pair of diamond stud earrings made from the deceased.

I, as always, wish to take this a giant step forward and request that at whatever cost necessary my remains are to be made into the largest single diamond, or as many large diamonds as is possible, and they are to set into a large titanium mace, with gold engraving. And said mace is to be a true and reliable weapon of war so that it may last through the ages, handed down to Robinsons for all time, to be wielded in the defence of ideals (mace wielding begins at 1:40) I hold dear, and present for the joys of everyday life.

21 June 2011

UFC Live On Versus: Picks and Notes

I went 7-3 the last time I tried this picking winners thing, and I've been around enough to know that better than 50% is not bad at all. Coincidentally, that was UFN 22, also with Marquart on the Marquee. Since then Nate The Great lost another title eliminator to the current Middleweight Contender, Yushin Okami, and finds himself fighting at 170 lbs for the first time in his UFC career against the surging Rick Story, himself fresh off a win over Welterweight contender Thiago Alves. 

This card originally had Anthony "Rumble" Johnson welcoming Marquart to the weight class, a fundamentally more interesting fighter then Story. Whether it's the weight behind his punches, or behind his belt, eye pokes, injuries, broken promises to bang, etc. an Anthony Johnson fight has interest behind it. With Story though we get no surprises, no intrigue, just a tough kid that comes to fight with everything he has, wrestling ugly fights, dragging guys that may have more skill into a mess that they can't see or get out of.

This card is geared really two ways: the hard-core fans will have one of their guys on the card, with cult faves like Charles Oliveira(WAR), Daniel Roberts, Joe Lauzon, Matt Mitrione and Pat Barry throwing down, and non-fans flipping through the free channels will see two Heavyweight bouts with three kickboxers between them, or Matt Brown and John Howard trading bombs, or Nate and Story doing whatever that clusterfuck is gonna produce.

That being said here are my picks for UFC Live: Marquart v. Story

*Nate Marquart v. Rick Story
I always thought that Marquart looked like a big Middleweight but all reports seems to indicate that this was not a tough cut for him, that he wasn't far off to begin with. If that is the case I think he's going to be too big for Story to drag him into the kind of fight Story needs it to be in order to win. Marquart has still landed the nicest combination I have ever seen in an MMA fight against Wilson Gouveia at UFC 95, and if he feels secure enough at this weight that he can really unload with his striking again I don't know who can beat him. As such I look for him to finish this fight via R3 TKO.

*Cheick Kongo v. Pat Barry
This is not a pick I like making, nor one I would stake much more than a beer on. Both hold wins over Cro Cop and Antoni Hardonk while in the UFC. Kongo's last five fights read like this: TKO with punches, out-wrestled by now Champion Cain Velsquez, out-struck and then tapped by Mir, then he out-wrestled Paul Buentello and got into the ugliest of wrestling matches with Travis Browne, where he gave away the decision by repeated cheating. If Barry were much better he'd be the easy pick, if he were much worse then Kongo would run away with it. And so I am stuck trying to guess at what will happen when the bell rings. Best I can figure Kongo will think the kickboxing is a wash and will then go for a takedown and ground and pound as in the Buentello fight. These guys may trade strikes, or Barry's work with Lesnar and other's may make him able to keep this standing, in which case it's a pick 'em fight. I dunno, but I'm taking Kongo in a decision.

*Matt Brown v. John Howard
There are lots of ways to fight, more particularly lots of styles of striking, but these two both fight willing to eat a shot in order to deliver one. And they'll give and take big shots all night. Both are tough as nails, neither have an ounce of quit and I don't doubt that this will be the best fight on cable Saturday night. Howard has the better technique, better leg kicks and more power, and I have to take him in this one, either R3 TKO or split decision.

*Matt Mitrione v. Christian Morecraft
For me Christian Morecraft will always be fighting with a deficit because of the awful tattoo across his belly. Yes, your name is Morecraft, and jugning by the font, the Morecrafts are a Gothic people, preferring cavernous castles and rainy mountains to anything normal or appropriate. That he was unable to put away Stefan Struve, despite landing several clean shots, does not bode well for MoreKraft(dinner in ma' belly!) and I look for Mitrione to show movement and land leg kicks through the first and put him away with punches in the second.

*Tyson Griffin v. Manvel Gamburyan - Manny will have a rude awakening for a depleted Griffin, making his Featherweight debut. I think he will find that the Strikeforce Lightweight division would have been more welcoming.
*Joe Stevenson v. Javier Vasquez - In Joe Stevenson I see a fighter whose strong BJJ overwhelms lesser grapplers but cannot put away elite grapplers like Vasquez. See above for advice re: Strikeforce Lightweight division.
*Joe Lauzon v. Curt Warburton - Besides being a friend of a friend, Lauzon can look like a beast and I think Warburton will be unable keep up.
*Daniel Roberts v. Rich Attonito - Cesar Gracie Jui Jitsu mo'fuckers. Or something like that. Roberts will be too dominant wrestling and with submissions.
*Charlie Brenneman v. TJ Grant - I have to take the Canadian over the Pros vs. Joes vet.
*Nick Lentz v. Charles Oliveira - The first MMAUFC 118 in Boston where Nick Lentz had the worst victory I have ever seen. At least they had the decency to call Shamrock v. Severn a draw. If he cannot score the takedown he has no recourse, and if he can score the takedown he still has no recourse. And Charles Oliveira is a joy to watch, aggressive and technical off his back and fun to watch on his feet.
*Ricardo Lamas v. Matt Grice
*Michael Johnson v. Edward Faalolto

18 June 2011

Live Blog of School of Hard Knocks 12

I will be posting updates of all the pro and amateur bouts in this space tonight, starting @ 1900!

Gabriel Dugan v. Josh Eggie - Amateur
Round 1:Fast pace as they trade punches for the first minute. Dugan gets the td and takes the back. With both hooks in he goes for the rear naked choke. Switches to body triangle but Eggie defends well. At the 10 sec clapper Dugan switches to arm bar and fights for it until the bell.
I score it 10-9 Dugan

Round 2: They meet in the middle again, but more cautious this time. Eggie is looking to counter while Dugan is landing single strikes. Eggie starts landing combinations along the cage. And again. Dugan shoots a few times but Eggie is landing combos to the bell.
I score it 10-9 Eggie

Round 3:More of the same as Eggie tries to land strikes and Dugan is trying to take it to the ground. Dugan drops for td but is stuffed. Dugan pulls guard and reverses. Eggie reverses again at the bell.
My score is 10-9 Dugan, but The Rinside Official give Josh Eggie the split decision. It was a close fight.

Brett Currie v. Lane Daychief - Amateur
Round 1: Currie is clearly looking for the td right away and Daychief is fighting it off. Currie gets him down, but only for a second. He gets him down again but Daychief instantly throws his legs up for the triangle. It's tight and he uses it to get on top, and then move to mount at the bell.
I score it10-9 Daychief

Round 2:Currie goes for the td but ends up on the bottom. Daychief moves to mount and sets up an arm triangle, then a key lock. It's tight and Currie taps.

MacKenzie Senger v. Andrew Blackplume - Amateur
Round 1:Bloodplume throws a leg kick then drops for the td, he gets it but MacKenzie is back up. Bloodplume takes him back down but gives up his back in the transition. MacKenzie secures the RNC and the tap out @ 50 seconds.

Dean Livingston v. Kevin Houston - Amateur
Round 1:They both meet in the middle and touch gloves before unloading on eachother, rights and lefts, head and body shots. Livingston lands a huge left uppercut to the body and drops Houston. The ref steps in and the fight is over: Livingston earns the tko @ 37 seconds.

Aaron Morton v. Laurence Maves - Amateur
Round 1:Maves comes out throwing kicks, high and low, and big power punches. Morton catches a kick and gets the td; he moves right to mount tight against the cage. He doesn't have room to work though. He loosens up enough that Maves tries to scramble out, but only ends up giving up his back and the rnc. Maves taps.

Tyler Kniess v. Patrick Ward - Amateur
Round 1:Ward starts the round throwing and nearly gets caught because of it. Kniess drives in hard for the td, but is reversed against the cage and Ward gets the td. Ward moves through from 1/2 guard to north-south a and back to 1/2 guard. Ward goes for and gets the key lock and the win.

Scott MacDonald v. Travis Halmrast - Amateur
Round 1:They start cautious on the middle trading low kicks. Lot's of circling and throwing punches. Macdonald lands a big right hook that drops Halmrast. Mac on top with punches to the body.
I score it 10-9 Macdonald

Round 2:Halmrast is bleeding to start the second round. They trade flurries before Halmrast lands. But then Mac lands before a stoppage due to a low blow. On the restart Mac gets a td and starts working right away for a kimura from side control. Halmrast avoids it and they stand. Mac tries a spinning back kick that misses and Halmrast clinches and lands a knee to the body at the bell.
I give the second same as the first, 10-9 Macdonald

Round 3:Halmrast is the fresher looking man for round 3, but Mac is still landing with power. Mac gets the td against the cage and moves into mount. He is working for an arm triangle but can't secure it. He end the round on top, landing punches to the body.
I scored it the same all three rounds, 10-9 Macdonald. The Officials give Scott Macdonald the unanimous decision.

Elias Theodorou v. Tanner Tolman - Pro
Round 1:Theodorou opens with a big kick and follows up with punches and a td attempt. Tolman reverses though, and is on top throwing punches from guard. Tolman elbows as Theodorou goes high with the guard. Tolman takes the back and gets both hooks in, getting very close with the rnc, but Theodorou defends very well. They stand and Tolman lands punches while Theodorou gets in a knee. Tolman gets a big slam but is reversed and Theodorou starts the gn'p. Tolman spins and gives up his back, then again right into full mount with his left arm trapped. Theodorou lands a huge elbow and follow up punches as the ref stops it @ 3:49.

Jeff Larkin v. Sumeet Gill - Pro
Round 1:A very tentative start as they circle and throw single strikes. Larkin clinches up and presses against the cage. Gill tries to reverse but eats an elbow and a knee for it. Gill finally reverses and they separate. Some more careful single strikes before Larkin again takes it to the cage. Gill drops for the td, then gives up and punches before dropping again, and finishing the td. He punches the downed foe before backing away. Larkin stands, clinches and again takes it to the cage. They separate and trade. Larkin punches to the sternum. Gill shoots but misses and eats some punches. They trade until the bell.
I score it 10-10

Round 2:Gill lands first when they finally engage. Gill shoots a weak td attempt. Nothing. Larkin almost has a kick caught but Gill can't capitalize. Gill shoots another weak shot and pays for it. In a scramble Larkin ends on top, on the ground. He moves to mount and throws. Gill spins and gives up his back. Larkin lands punches and Gill spins again into mount. Larkin starts throwing and landing until the ref stops it.

Charmain Tweet v. Ronda Rousey-Women's Pro
Round 1:Rousey wants the clinch and the Team Gokor rep gets it, but it's Tweet that secures the takedown. Tweet does a good job rolling through to get the back, but Rousey stands quickly. They trade punches, Tweet landing cleaner hooks until Rousey clinches again and nails a huge, high-angle head and arm throw, and moves right into mount, where she grabs an arm, rolls for the bar, and takes it home for the quick tap.

Matt Krayco v. Lee Palichuk - Pro
Round 1:Krayco shoots hard for the td right after the bell. He gets Palichuk down in his own corner and moves right to side control and the kimura on the left arm. He gets it quick but there is a tense struggle against the cage before he has the leverage and the tap.

18 September 2010

TUF 12: All Pants Are Off!

Put up a TUF 12 review, with fight by fight recaps and hyperlinks and whatnot, but then I woke up and I was sicker than ever. Fever and stuff.
So a few quick notes, then off to bed:
  • Alaskan fishermen, like farmers, blacksmiths, &tc., are not to be fucked with in feats of strength, endurance and will. I don't know much about this McKenzie fellow, but I know that people who do what they do build up a muscle that is dense and deceptively strong. Ex. Matt Hughes.
  • Dana White's opening speech to the guys had so many bleeps in it that it was meaningless and incomprehensible. Dana: either practice saying something, scripted if need be, that doesn't need to be censored, or find a way to broadcast with all the profanity (subscription uncensored material?)
  • Being the latest in a family of martial artists is a better background for mma and TUF than professional skateboarding. Mad props to skateboarders, way scarier to me than fighting, but these are different skill sets
  • On a series of shots in a montage to close the episode there appeared to be a confrontation between 2 of the still mostly anonymous meat-heads that results in an uppercut landing square on the jaw of the shorter, we'll call, gentleman. It looked like it hurt bad.
That's all I got. Next week I'll do something sooner and  deeper. I'll reference "Paradise Lost" in way that makes crickets cry.