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18 June 2011

Live Blog of School of Hard Knocks 12

I will be posting updates of all the pro and amateur bouts in this space tonight, starting @ 1900!

Gabriel Dugan v. Josh Eggie - Amateur
Round 1:Fast pace as they trade punches for the first minute. Dugan gets the td and takes the back. With both hooks in he goes for the rear naked choke. Switches to body triangle but Eggie defends well. At the 10 sec clapper Dugan switches to arm bar and fights for it until the bell.
I score it 10-9 Dugan

Round 2: They meet in the middle again, but more cautious this time. Eggie is looking to counter while Dugan is landing single strikes. Eggie starts landing combinations along the cage. And again. Dugan shoots a few times but Eggie is landing combos to the bell.
I score it 10-9 Eggie

Round 3:More of the same as Eggie tries to land strikes and Dugan is trying to take it to the ground. Dugan drops for td but is stuffed. Dugan pulls guard and reverses. Eggie reverses again at the bell.
My score is 10-9 Dugan, but The Rinside Official give Josh Eggie the split decision. It was a close fight.

Brett Currie v. Lane Daychief - Amateur
Round 1: Currie is clearly looking for the td right away and Daychief is fighting it off. Currie gets him down, but only for a second. He gets him down again but Daychief instantly throws his legs up for the triangle. It's tight and he uses it to get on top, and then move to mount at the bell.
I score it10-9 Daychief

Round 2:Currie goes for the td but ends up on the bottom. Daychief moves to mount and sets up an arm triangle, then a key lock. It's tight and Currie taps.

MacKenzie Senger v. Andrew Blackplume - Amateur
Round 1:Bloodplume throws a leg kick then drops for the td, he gets it but MacKenzie is back up. Bloodplume takes him back down but gives up his back in the transition. MacKenzie secures the RNC and the tap out @ 50 seconds.

Dean Livingston v. Kevin Houston - Amateur
Round 1:They both meet in the middle and touch gloves before unloading on eachother, rights and lefts, head and body shots. Livingston lands a huge left uppercut to the body and drops Houston. The ref steps in and the fight is over: Livingston earns the tko @ 37 seconds.

Aaron Morton v. Laurence Maves - Amateur
Round 1:Maves comes out throwing kicks, high and low, and big power punches. Morton catches a kick and gets the td; he moves right to mount tight against the cage. He doesn't have room to work though. He loosens up enough that Maves tries to scramble out, but only ends up giving up his back and the rnc. Maves taps.

Tyler Kniess v. Patrick Ward - Amateur
Round 1:Ward starts the round throwing and nearly gets caught because of it. Kniess drives in hard for the td, but is reversed against the cage and Ward gets the td. Ward moves through from 1/2 guard to north-south a and back to 1/2 guard. Ward goes for and gets the key lock and the win.

Scott MacDonald v. Travis Halmrast - Amateur
Round 1:They start cautious on the middle trading low kicks. Lot's of circling and throwing punches. Macdonald lands a big right hook that drops Halmrast. Mac on top with punches to the body.
I score it 10-9 Macdonald

Round 2:Halmrast is bleeding to start the second round. They trade flurries before Halmrast lands. But then Mac lands before a stoppage due to a low blow. On the restart Mac gets a td and starts working right away for a kimura from side control. Halmrast avoids it and they stand. Mac tries a spinning back kick that misses and Halmrast clinches and lands a knee to the body at the bell.
I give the second same as the first, 10-9 Macdonald

Round 3:Halmrast is the fresher looking man for round 3, but Mac is still landing with power. Mac gets the td against the cage and moves into mount. He is working for an arm triangle but can't secure it. He end the round on top, landing punches to the body.
I scored it the same all three rounds, 10-9 Macdonald. The Officials give Scott Macdonald the unanimous decision.

Elias Theodorou v. Tanner Tolman - Pro
Round 1:Theodorou opens with a big kick and follows up with punches and a td attempt. Tolman reverses though, and is on top throwing punches from guard. Tolman elbows as Theodorou goes high with the guard. Tolman takes the back and gets both hooks in, getting very close with the rnc, but Theodorou defends very well. They stand and Tolman lands punches while Theodorou gets in a knee. Tolman gets a big slam but is reversed and Theodorou starts the gn'p. Tolman spins and gives up his back, then again right into full mount with his left arm trapped. Theodorou lands a huge elbow and follow up punches as the ref stops it @ 3:49.

Jeff Larkin v. Sumeet Gill - Pro
Round 1:A very tentative start as they circle and throw single strikes. Larkin clinches up and presses against the cage. Gill tries to reverse but eats an elbow and a knee for it. Gill finally reverses and they separate. Some more careful single strikes before Larkin again takes it to the cage. Gill drops for the td, then gives up and punches before dropping again, and finishing the td. He punches the downed foe before backing away. Larkin stands, clinches and again takes it to the cage. They separate and trade. Larkin punches to the sternum. Gill shoots but misses and eats some punches. They trade until the bell.
I score it 10-10

Round 2:Gill lands first when they finally engage. Gill shoots a weak td attempt. Nothing. Larkin almost has a kick caught but Gill can't capitalize. Gill shoots another weak shot and pays for it. In a scramble Larkin ends on top, on the ground. He moves to mount and throws. Gill spins and gives up his back. Larkin lands punches and Gill spins again into mount. Larkin starts throwing and landing until the ref stops it.

Charmain Tweet v. Ronda Rousey-Women's Pro
Round 1:Rousey wants the clinch and the Team Gokor rep gets it, but it's Tweet that secures the takedown. Tweet does a good job rolling through to get the back, but Rousey stands quickly. They trade punches, Tweet landing cleaner hooks until Rousey clinches again and nails a huge, high-angle head and arm throw, and moves right into mount, where she grabs an arm, rolls for the bar, and takes it home for the quick tap.

Matt Krayco v. Lee Palichuk - Pro
Round 1:Krayco shoots hard for the td right after the bell. He gets Palichuk down in his own corner and moves right to side control and the kimura on the left arm. He gets it quick but there is a tense struggle against the cage before he has the leverage and the tap.

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