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23 September 2011

Hard Knocks Fighting Championships 14

Welcome to the HKFC14 live blog! Catch all the action here as it happens!
Ryan Preston v. MacKenzie Senger
Round 1:
Preston comes forward looking for nothing but big, looping hooks, but he slips. They are all over the place but he slips again. Senger wants it on the ground as Preston is landing. They go there and Senger looks much better. They scramble and Preston losses a point for the ground 'n pound, which is not allowed under the Amateur rules. Off the stand up they clinch and Senger transtitions between brabo & guillotine chokes.
10-9 Senger is my unofficial score in this very close round.
Round 2:
They start the same with Preston throwing big bombs, but Senger gets the td much easier. He transitions to the back, works for and gets the tapout to Rear Naked Choke @ :54 of R2
Keegan Oliver v. Jean-Marc Degroot
Round 1:
Oliver shoots and is stuffed so they trade, & Degroot is winning. Oliver gets the takedown but is reversed quickly. Degroot moves to mount and then takes the back of the scrambling Oliver. Degroot stands and backs away. They trade for awhile before the ref stops to remind Oliver that kicks to the head are not allowed in amateur action.
Unofficial score is 10-9 Degroot
Round 2:
They trade body kicks to start, & Oliver is stuffed on a td attempt. They trade again before he shoots again, but is tied up right away with Degroots legs. He tries but cannot pass. Until he passes and nearly gets an arm, before going back into guard. Degroot toses the leg over for a tight omaplata attempt until the bell.
10-9 Oliver.
Round 3:
Degroot throws but Oliver drops under for the td, right into Degroot's active guard. They sit in guard until the ref stands them up. From there they trade strikes until Oliver again gets the td into guard. Degroot moves to mission control and then lockdown from the rubber guard. This gets Oliver to stand and back away. Degroot shoots with 10 seconds left, but Oliver ends up on top at the bell.
I give Oliver the 29-28, and he gets the split decision from the judges too. No scores are announced.
Chaleur Jones v. Combs
Round 1:
Both ladies come out throwing bombs. They circle and trade without either landing much until Combs clinches with and over-under tie up. From there Jones drops for the td and gets it. Quickly Combs rolls for an arm-bar. Jones here out and takes the back of Combs. She holds it before rolling for an arm-bar of her own.
10-9 Jones
Round 2:
Combs land on the bell which makes Jones try to clinch. It doesn't work so they circle and trade. Combs starts landing as Jones is backing away. Combs stalks as strikes from both come one at a time. They continue to trade until the bell.
10-9 Combs
Round 3:
They are tentative to start. They circle and throw single strikes. Jones still wants yo clinch but can't. Combs is landing whenever jones comes in. Combs mixes in head and body shots. Combs stalks and lands a big body kick that buckles Jones but does not put her down. Combs keeps moving forward and pressing and landing punches.
I give the round and the fight to Combs. Official Decision is unanimous for Robin Combs.
Gerallt Owen v. Matt Kaiser
Round 1:
They engage at the centre with Kaiser throwing wildly. He slips and Owen pounces. Kaiser has a triangle position right away which Owen defends well. Then Kaiser switches to an arm-bar that forces the quick tap at :59 seconds.
Rick Pfeifer v. Justin Lafrance
Round 1:
They are tentative to start, for 2 seconds before Pfeiffer drops Lafrance. He is right back up though and Pfeiffer clinches and accord the td, though they scramble and change positions. Pfeiffer gets top position and moves to an arm triangle, but can't finish. They stand, Pfeiffer gets another td and they are right back up. They trade some big punches until Pfeiffer gets the big slam and takes the back. He holds him there until the bell.
I have it 10-9 Pfeiffer
Round 2:
Pfeiffer comes in swinging at the bell then clinches. They separate. Pfeiffer goes for another td and gets it. He gives up top position and walks away, getting the stand-up. Pfeiffer punches and gets another td. They stand and repeat the sequence. And again, but this time Lafrance has a guillotine. He lets it go and they finish the round with Pfeiffer on top.
Again 10-9 Pfeiffer.
Round 3:
Lafrance comes out alive and lands some shots until Pfeiffer takes him down. From side control he moves into mount and goes for triangle position, but loses it. He goes for an arm bar but Lafrance scrambles out and stands. Pfeiffer hits another td and works for a guillotine for the last 30 seconds until the bell.
I give Pfeiffer the 3rd as well, 10-9.
Official judges score it unanimously for Pfeiffer as well.
Tyler Kneiss v. Brydon Butt
Round 1:
Kneiss comes out on fire as he puts Butt down with a combination and follows him down and right away takes the back of Butt and goes in for the rnc. Butt defends well but eventually taps @ :52 of round 1.
Amateur Main Event:
Shane Ryan v. Jesse Enns
Round 1:
They both come out guns blazing, Ryan with a push kick and Enns with punches. Ryan bulls him against the cage and unloads. After landing repeated punches he unloaded with a knee to the belly that drops Enns. Ryan is still throwing as the ref stops the fight due to unanswered blows @ :23 of round 1.
Aaron Gallant v. Matt Krayco
Round 1:
They meet in the centre and a low kick from Krayco gets a mad flurry in return. Gallant bullies him against the cage and punishes him while taking him to the ground. Once there Krayco rolls for an arm but Gallant gets out and maintains top control. Krayco tries for another then they scramble. Gallant comes out of it with Krayco's back and the rear-naked choke. A bloody Matt Krayco taps @ 1:15 of round 1.
Jordan Murray v. Jared McComb
Round 1:
Murray starts the action with a combination and then he presses McComb against the cage and is stuffed on a td attempt. They jocky for position before separating. McComb purses forward now and gets a big takedown off a clinch against the cage. From side control he moves to mount and then back mount before Murray stands. Murray gets the next td, but is instantly reversed, with McComb taking mount then back mount before Murray stands. They trade then Murray pulls guard looking for a choke, then an arm, but he ends on the bottom to close the round.
10-9 McComb
Round 2:
McComb looks for the td off a Murray kick but they stall against the cage. McComb finally drags him down. McComb moves to side control and is briefly reversed before moving back to 1/2 guard, then full guard. They rest here for a minute. They scramble and Murray stands with McComb's leg, and he forces him down and is on top but McComb has his neck in a guillotine, forcing the tap @ 3:51 of round 2.
SteveHodgson v. Elias Theodorou
Round 1:
Theodorou throws a highkick to start which causes Hodgson to clinch and try for a td but he is reversed on the way down. They scramble up but Hodgson again clinches and is taken down. Theodorou moves to mount and tries to take anarm but slips off. They stands and clinch against the cage where Hodson lands a low blow that laissez things. On the restart Theodorou gets the td. Hodson managed to stand but is again taken down. Theodorou moves to mount and punishes with punches until the bell. Hodgson is bleeding.
10-9 Theodorou
Round 2:
Theodorou starts with big lochs, high and low before getting another td. He moves to mount then back mount where he works for and secures and rear-naked choke that gets the tap @ 1:12 of round 2.
Welterweight Championship
Keto Allen v. Andrew Buckland
Round 1:
They are careful to start but then start trading big punches. Buckland backs Allen up with a hook and presses against the cage. After a struggle Allen takes him down and starts to throw. He moves to side control and smothers Buckland, eventually getting mounted crucifix for a split second. Back in side control he tried to land short elbows. Buckland works hard to get guard and eventually stands but only briefly before Allen takes him back down. They gett back to their feet and it's Buckland working for the takedown now. He can't get it before the bell.
10-9 Allen
Round 2:
They are both throwing hooks to start, then they clinch and Allen throws him down. A molten moves to side control and elbows to the body. Allen moves to north-south but Buckland roll him over there. Now in control Buckland goes for the choke, but Allen reverses and advances to side control. Again though Buckland reverses into north-south, then side control, then back and back again. From side control he goes for an arm in guillotine and he has it tight. They roll around but Alleen can't get out and taps with less than 10 second left (4:55) of round 2 to give Andrew Buckland the first ever HKFC Welterweight Champion!

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