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28 June 2011

UFC Live On Versus 4 Scores and Review

What a weird event that was. I planned on having this out on Sunday, but after all that's happened I think it was best to wait until I really understood it before I expunged unto the world that which I have gleamed.

We never got the Johnson fight to which we had expected. But then the sky fell on the UFC in Pittsburgh when Nate Marquart was still over the maximum allowable limit  of testosterone to fight. He has since claimed that his amount was trending downward and that a test taken the day of the fight was well within the prescribed tolerances. By that time, of course, he had been fired b/c of Dana White's "disgust," despite claims that everyone, the Commission and the UFC knew of his HRT and his closeness to the limit as the fight drew near.

Besides that we had my favourite lightweight prospect, Charles Oliveira's brilliant 6 minutes, more of the dynamic striking and manic grappling aggression that thrills me, tarnished by a few tenths of a second in throwing a clearly illegal knee. The ref should have seen it and stopped the fight, and they could have decided if Lentz was able to continue being beaten by Oliveira. I think he might have been able to, but there absolutely needed to be a stoppage to assess his condition. I suspect it will be overturned tomorrow, and turned into a no-contest. Still, Lentz was losing and Oliveira was looking great. In fact, their 6:48 of fighting was better than any other fight on the card, at least as far as UFC cash bonuses go.

Besides that, Pat Barry KO'd Kongo twice before taking a KO himself. I think they both should have gotten KO of the night. And Joe Stevenson is way worse at being Frankie Edgar or Clay Guida, with the hyperactive head movement, than either of them. Probably worse than a lot of people. They should cut him.

Since the current official result of Oliveira/Lentz is a submission to RNC, I am sitting at 6-2 for the event, and 13-5 for the two events thus far. Tomorrow I will have my picks for UFC 132, and look for a podcast preview show too.

Here are the links to my Score sheets of the fights that went the distance (remember these are my scores, not the official scores):
1. Matt Brown v. John Howard & Charlie Brennemen v. Rick Story
2. Joe Stevenson v. Javier Vasquez & Tyson Griffin v. Manvel Gamburyan
3. Charles Oliveira v. Nik Lentz & Daniel Roberts v. Rich Attonito

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