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24 June 2011

Turning People into Diamonds

First let it be known that I am of sound mind, and make the following intentions known so that my will may be obeyed.

I was watching the penultimate Law & Order(prime) episode the other day and the victim's wife had a habit of turning her dead husbands into Diamonds. To conclude the episode she sent ADA Rubirosa a pair of diamond stud earrings made from the deceased.

I, as always, wish to take this a giant step forward and request that at whatever cost necessary my remains are to be made into the largest single diamond, or as many large diamonds as is possible, and they are to set into a large titanium mace, with gold engraving. And said mace is to be a true and reliable weapon of war so that it may last through the ages, handed down to Robinsons for all time, to be wielded in the defence of ideals (mace wielding begins at 1:40) I hold dear, and present for the joys of everyday life.

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