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22 September 2011

Hard Knocks Fighting Championship 14 Live Weigh-ins

The final stop before HKFC 14 tomorrow night at the Century Casino in Calgay AB goes down now at the Blink Monk Pub on 12th ave SW! Check below for live results when the fighters start stepping on the scales at 1800 MST.

The Blind Monk is bumping with a mix of after-work diners & fight camps. There is palpable tension and excitement as we wait the last few minutes before the weigh ins start!

Welterweight Championship
Keto Allen 171lbs
*there is some debate as to whether he must cut the final pound but the commission allows it.
Andrew Buckland - 169.5 lbs

Steve Hodgson - 184.5 lbs
Elias Theodorou - 183.5 lbs

Aaron Gallant - 168.5 lbs
Matt Krayco - 167.5 lbs

Jordan Murray - 198 lbs
Jared McComb - 200 lbs

Shane Ryan - 197 lbs
*because there was a less than 7 pound difference in weight (w/ Enns being .5 lbs over 190) Ryan will not have to lose the extra weight.
Jesse Enns - 190.5 lbs

Tyler Kniess - 149.5 lbs
Brydon Butt - 155.5 lbs

Gerrallt Owen - 153 lbs
Matt Kaiser - 156 lbs

Chaleur Jones -128 lbs
Robin Comb - 129 lbs

Keegan Oliver - 124 lbs
Jean-Marc DeGroot - 123 lbs

Ryan Preston - 164.5 lbs
MacKenzie Senger - 167.5 lbs

Rick Pfeifer -135.5 lbs
Justin LaFrance -134.5

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