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18 September 2010

TUF 12: All Pants Are Off!

Put up a TUF 12 review, with fight by fight recaps and hyperlinks and whatnot, but then I woke up and I was sicker than ever. Fever and stuff.
So a few quick notes, then off to bed:
  • Alaskan fishermen, like farmers, blacksmiths, &tc., are not to be fucked with in feats of strength, endurance and will. I don't know much about this McKenzie fellow, but I know that people who do what they do build up a muscle that is dense and deceptively strong. Ex. Matt Hughes.
  • Dana White's opening speech to the guys had so many bleeps in it that it was meaningless and incomprehensible. Dana: either practice saying something, scripted if need be, that doesn't need to be censored, or find a way to broadcast with all the profanity (subscription uncensored material?)
  • Being the latest in a family of martial artists is a better background for mma and TUF than professional skateboarding. Mad props to skateboarders, way scarier to me than fighting, but these are different skill sets
  • On a series of shots in a montage to close the episode there appeared to be a confrontation between 2 of the still mostly anonymous meat-heads that results in an uppercut landing square on the jaw of the shorter, we'll call, gentleman. It looked like it hurt bad.
That's all I got. Next week I'll do something sooner and  deeper. I'll reference "Paradise Lost" in way that makes crickets cry.

1 comment:

  1. McDonald reminds me a bit of Makoto Nagano, the crazy fisherman winner of Ninja Warrior. It'll be interesting to see if his super guillotine will keep fooling folks (I hope so).

    Also, some people probably HATE Bruce Leeroy (Alex Caceres), but I'm really hoping that his complete goofball video-game style can actually hold up. No crime in having fun in the cage.