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08 September 2010

Why The Lack of Pants?

Some fellow said something about liberty and death and wanting some or all of both. I don't know about that, but the liberty to go pantsless has always appealed to me. Don't worry my junk and I observe all neccesary laws and customs inre: decency and such, but when and where it is appropriate you will find me indulging in options that are not pants.

And then there's David Letterman. His production company is World Wide Pants, or some such absurdity. If he is pants then I am not pants. I like Letterman though. Just throwing his absurdity back into the zeitgeist.

Hereafter you find rants and raves, ground goats, stinging rhetoric, the most astute mma insight to be found and sometimes a lovely poem. Oh, and I have a mad thing for America's Funniest Home Videos et al, so there will be references and links to people falling down and getting hit in the junk with junk.

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